On-demand Webinar: ISO 20022 - Payments Evolution in 2022 & Beyond

ISO 20022 offers financial institutions the ability to standardise their messaging to support global interoperability. As well as improving the quality and structure of financial messages, it also provides rich data with each transaction, enabling everything from enhanced analytics to status tracking, sanction checking and automated invoice reconciliation – all whilst delivering an improved experience for end customers.

The deadlines for the ISO 20022 migration vary globally, however the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has mandated that financial institutions which use the SWIFT-based MEPS+ system must comply with the ISO 20022 messaging format by June 2022. With impending deadlines, FIs that continue to operate legacy systems that send MT messages will face a tight window to get their infrastructure all geared up to accept and send the richer MX messages under ISO 20022. That is where Bottomline can help demystify the process and ensure you have efficient speed-to-market.

No matter where you are in your ISO 20022 strategy, Bottomline are here to help. Whether that is confirming what actions are required, the best strategy for your individual business or simply addressing how ISO 20022 fits into your overall modernization plans.

Watch on-demand as Eli Shoshani, Head of APAC at Bottomline, David Soh, Chairperson Singapore SWIFT User Group & Edward Ireland, Global Product Director ISO 20022 as they discuss:

  • What does ‘ready for ISO 20022 in June 2022’ look like? What are the technical components?
  • Which defined timelines do banks need to work to?
  • How can Bottomline help you maximise the benefit from ISO 20022 and ensure a smooth migration?

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