The Future of Competitive Advantage in Banking & Payments

The rapid evolution of payments has seen Banks & Financial Institutions having to juggle their strategies - new industry and regulatory deadlines, overhauls of messaging standardisation, a drive towards real-time and the need for product road-map fulfilment within tight deadlines. COVID-19 has accelerated the transition to the digitalisation of payments and raised customer expectations for speed, agility and fraud protection from providers. PSD2 and Open Banking have encouraged competition, opened up the market to challengers and focused more on interoperability for access to global markets.

All of the above is good news if it means Banks & FIs can improve their operational efficiency and develop new revenue streams. However, with competition comes the need to ensure that you are keeping up and providing your customers with what they demand in order to retain and build your base.

How does your Bank or Financial Institution stack up against your competition? Could you benefit from comparing your strategic priorities, product roadmaps and plans for future innovation with your peers? Are you interested in finding out which technology trends the industry is prioritising to ensure you are aligned?

If so, it is worth spending 3 minutes to fill out this ‘live’ benchmarking report (developed in partnership with the Open Banking Expo), covering key topics such as cloud, real-time, ISO, cross-border, fraud, treasury and Open Banking.

In return, you will receive an instant summary report which will be personalised to your organisation and be one of the first people to view the overall final global report findings in September. With views from over 1000 industry experts from across the banking ecosystem, the question is can you afford not to?

Start your live comparison here now. 


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