Banking Technology

HSBC India unveils one-stop solution simplifies cross-border transactions

It enables end-to-end visibility for both the user and their clients.
6 hours ago

HSBC India unveils one-stop solution simplifies cross-border transactions

It enables end-to-end visibility for both the user and their clients.
6 hours ago

Financial institutions face four emerging challenges as digitisation ramps up

FIs role as the middleman is under threat as tech firms mull offering financial services.
1 day ago

Accelerate the digital banking evolution and move ahead of the curve

The roadmap to success for many organizations has been defined by digital transformation. However, since the Covid-19 crisis started, organizations across many industries had to accelerate and redefine their plans to keep pace with the dramatic changes in the business landscape.
1 day ago

How accelerated innovations in tech will lead to open banking

It’s a mixed bag for most SEA markets, but regulator support illuminates the future of open banking.
2 days ago

Indonesia’s Bank Neo Commerce teams up with Qualtrics to improve digital banking experience

It will make use of Qualtrics services to personalize its banking journey.
7 days ago

Bank of East Asia warns of fake website

Customers who used the site are advised to report their cases to the police.
8 days ago

How Advanced Analytics and Emerging Technologies can save Financial Intuitions against Digital fraud

The 60-minute webinar go live on 23 September 2021, 11am Singapore time.
9 days ago

Open Banking Set To Transform The Finance Sector

There is a revolution going on today in the banking industry. Those bastions of privacy and money management are doing the unthinkable - with consent, they are sharing their customer data with approved third parties. In the past, banks jealously safeguarded their clients’ information. That is what clients expected of them, as well as it being a regulatory obligation. Today, they are making this information available to other players in the financial services arena, creating an unprecedented financial ecosystem built around making their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) available to approved third parties.  
15 days ago

Improving operational efficiency and decision making through increased use of AI and machine learning

SmartStream’s Robin Hasson and Andy Burner, together with Standard Chartered’s Vikram Gupta discussed their thoughts on the increased demand and dependability on artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as the opportunities and threats that come with its adoption. 
16 days ago

OCBC Bank and SAS wage war on fraud with award-winning digital surveillance system

The proactive fraud detection system helped OCBC recover $8m worth of fraudulent transactions.
17 days ago

Digital dominance to decide Singapore’s retail banking future

Traditional banks are struggling to keep up.
22 days ago

Japan’s Mizuho suffers nationwide ATM glitch

This follows a series of technical problems since Friday.
23 days ago

Bank of East Asia unveils UnionPay QR code cash withdrawal service

All BEA ATMs in Hong Kong will offer this service.
1 month ago

Vietnamese neobank Timo partners with Mambu to offer cloud-core banking services

Vietnam’s banking industry is ripe for disruption with low financial inclusion but high smartphone ownership.
1 month ago

ABA Bank was recognised with the Domestic Retail Bank of the Year - Cambodia at ABF Retail Banking Awards 2021

Their remarkable milestones and outstanding figures led them to be at the forefront of modern finance and digital transformation.
1 month ago

Open banking in APAC: leveraging data, API for better solutions 

Banks have to remain consistent and continuous in testing best practices.
1 month ago

Virtual banking trumps branch banking in Southeast Asia: study

But less than half of consumers are impressed with the digital financial services currently offered.
1 month ago